After doing 400 films, Rekha liked the rape scene of this film, not Amitabh, this actor was the first choice, she herself told the story

Mumbai. Rekha, who has been in discussion for many decades about her personal life in Bollywood, has worked in more than 450 films. Rekha, famous for her love with Amitabh and her cool style, has achieved a special position of fame. Even today there are millions of fans of Rekha across the country. Rekha’s life has always been full of controversies and she used to make headlines for her love. 37 years ago, in an interview given to BBC in 1986, Rekha had shared many stories related to her life. Also, Rekha had told that her strong acting in Umrao Jaan may have got the National Award but it was not her best work.

When Rekha was asked which is her favorite film. In response to this, Rekha told that till now she has not liked any complete film. But in the film Ghar released in the year 1978, Rekha liked her repsine very much. Rekha had told in the interview that till now I have done 400 films. But I only like the rape scene of Ghar movie very much. I was happy to see this scene that I have done a better job in this scene.

Song sung by a broken heart – ‘Mujhe tum naz se gira to rahe ho’
In this interview, Rekha also narrated a song from her broken heart to the fans. In which he sang in his voice, ‘You are falling from my eyes, you will never be able to forget me.’ This interview is still liked a lot even after 37 years. Tales of Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan’s affair kept being heard in the corridors of Bollywood for more than 2 decades. Even today, Rekha’s love for Amitabh is said to be behind her not getting married. However, only Rekha knows how much truth is there in this.

The upheaval of personal life got the National Award
Rekha also spoke openly about her superhit film Umrao Jaan in the interview. Rekha was awarded the National Award for this film. Rekha breathed life into her character in the film. Talking about this film, Rekha says, ‘I don’t think I have done any miracle in this film. That film was made in such a time that the bus was made. I didn’t make any special effort for this. Although I was struggling with some similar situations in my personal life at that time, all these things automatically came on the screen.

Rekha’s life cut in the world of glamor
Rekha, born on October 10, 1950, to Gemini Ganesan and actress Pushpavalli, who is called South’s superstar and King of Romance, has lived a life of glamor since childhood. At the age of just 16, Rekha had also entered the acting world. However, at that time Rekha was not that much fond of becoming an actress. Later the financial condition of the family deteriorated and Rekha had to work from a young age.

After this, Rekha also never looked back and became a Bollywood superstar till her hard work. Rekha started her career with the Tamil film ‘Rangula Ratlam’. This film was released in the year 1966. After this, after doing some South films, Rekha started her Bollywood journey. Rekha did the first English film Anjaana Safar. Released in the year 1969, this film was in great discussion about the kissing scene of Rekha and Vishwajit Chatterjee.

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