After ‘Gadar 2’, Sunny Deol will be seen in ‘Jisne Lahore Nahi Dekha’, joined hands with the director of ‘Gandhi Godse’

New Delhi- Bollywood veteran actor Sunny Deol is ready to make a strong comeback on the silver screen after a long time. Sunny will soon be seen in ‘Gadar 2’. ‘Gadar 2’ is a sequel to the 2001 superhit film ‘Gadar’. This film by Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol made a splash at the box-office. Now after 22 years, the audience is very curious about the sequel of this film.

This year Sunny Deol is going to be seen in ‘Gadar 2’ as well as in other films. Sunny is once again going to join hands with director Rajkumar Santoshi. Rajkumar Santoshi has given many hit films in Sunny’s career. Rajkumar Santoshi has directed films like ‘Ghatak’, ‘Ghayal’, ‘Damini’. These films have played an important role in Sunny Deol’s career.

Replaced Anil Kapoor
According to a report in ETimes, Sunny will be seen in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film ‘Jisne Lahore Nahi Dekha’. The film is based on Asghar Wajahat’s famous play ‘Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya Wo Jameya Hi Nahi’. According to this report, earlier Anil Kapoor was cast for this film. But then Sunny Deol replaced him.

This film may have slipped from the hands of Anil Kapoor, but Anil Kapoor is still very active in films. He is also getting good roles. On the other hand, if we talk about Sunny Deol, then this actor is making a comeback after a long time. Sunny was away from films for almost a decade. During this, this actor has also been active in politics.

Want to change the image-
Due to politics, Sunny was able to give less time to acting. But according to media reports, Sunny now wants to do something new in acting. He now wants to play a different type of character rather than shouting and vandalizing the screen.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 17, 2023, 17:07 IST

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