After separating from Shalin Bhanot, Tina Dutta’s anger erupted, heard candidly and exposed the actor

Mumbai. Bigg Boss 16 is in its last phase. In such a situation, the equation between the family members is changing. Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot, who were once friends or lovers, have now become sworn enemies of each other. In the recent episode, there was a very dirty fight between Tina and Shaleen. In this fight, both of them threw mud at each other’s character. Shaleen told Tina to be clingy to other boys, then Tina also told Shaleen that he did not respect his wife. Both have become so personal that now they do not like to see each other’s face.

Tina Dutta is very upset about Shaleen’s antics. He has made shocking revelations of the outside world in front of his new friend Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary. Both Priyanka and Tina are no longer talking to Shaleen. Tina Dutta told Priyanka, “You know the funny thing, Shaleen, why does he try to silence me?”

Tina Dutta further said, “When she came to know that I am a part of the show and came to know that we have a common friend. Shaleen called me one. Our mutual friend before coming here and asked him to set up a meeting with me. Shaleen said that he wants to form a team. He can never back down, I have proof.”

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 06:00 IST

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