Before the death, when the woman gave property worth crores to Sanjay Dutt, did not give a single penny to the children, and then….

Mumbai. Fans do such things for their favorite actors, knowing about which you will also be surprised. Something similar was done by a female fan of Bollywood’s famous actor Sanjay Dutt. According to media reports, Nishi Harishchandra Tripathi, a resident of Mumbai, had given all her property in the name of Sanjay Dutt before her death. A house worth 10 crores was also included in this. It is said that Nishi lived in Mumbai with her mother and family. When Sanjay Dutt came to know about this, he was also surprised. This whole incident is told of the year 2018.

Sanjay Dutt had no information about this incident, then the police told him the whole thing. At that time Baba had gone to attend a film festival in Kolkata. Then the police told them on the phone that a 62-year-old woman named Nishi had died. She was your big fan. Because of this, he has given all his property in your name. Sanjay was very surprised to hear this. The actor neither recognized the woman nor had ever met her. Then he had said, ‘I am shocked, I have no words to say.’

Nishi’s family was also surprised
His family was also quite surprised by this decision of Nishi. According to media reports, after Nishi’s death, one of his letters came to the fore. In this, he had expressed his desire to name all his property to Sanjay Dutt after his death. He had given Sanjay’s name and his address as a nominee.

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Then Sanjay Dutt took a big decision
Sanjay Dutt was shocked as well as emotional after this incident came to the fore. Then he said that I do not know Nishi. But this thing has made me very emotional. I do not claim any kind on his property. His family should get this. Sanjay Dutt’s lawyer had said that the actor has offered to help the fan’s family. They will help in the entire process of transferring the Will to their next of kin. He also wrote a letter to the bank regarding this. He said that Nishi’s family should get his property.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 25, 2023, 19:59 IST

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