Before the release of ‘Pathan’, Shah Rukh Khan said ‘Sorry’, advance booking of more than 3 lakh tickets has been done!

Mumbai. There is enthusiasm these days regarding the Republic Day. This day is also being awaited in the entertainment world as Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ is going to release on January 25. The craze of the audience regarding the film is clearly visible. ‘Pathan’ is making new records in terms of advance booking. Meanwhile, Shahrukh has said ‘sorry’ to everyone. Shahrukh has apologized standing outside Mannat.

Before you run the horses of your mind, tell that Shahrukh Khan in his funny way has said sorry to a fan group. On Sunday, after the Ask SRK session, Shahrukh gifted his fans and suddenly came out of Mannat. Fans were surprised to see him. Shahrukh’s arrival without prior notice left no room for happiness for his fans.

made everyone happy
Everyone present there was surprised when Shahrukh came to meet the fans like this. The crowd increased even more to see Shahrukh. A red vehicle is also visible in the midst of this crowd, in which some fans are visible. Shahrukh has shared a video outside Mannat on Instagram. With this he captioned, ‘Thank you for the lovely Sunday evening… Sorry but hope that the red car riders had tied their seat belts. Book your tickets for ‘Pathan’ and I will meet you there.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 23, 2023, 06:49 IST

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