Bollywood’s biggest controversy, which divided the industry into two camps, do you know about this controversy?

Mumbai: Bollywood is such an industry, in which there is a stir every day due to one reason or the other. Even in 2022, Bollywood faced many controversies. From Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot to the controversy over VFX and actors’ looks in Adipurush, he had a huge impact on Bollywood. On the other hand, the year 2023 also started with a controversy. This controversy is related to Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan, which is releasing on January 25. However, controversies related to the film keep coming and going. Here we are going to tell you about the biggest controversy of the industry today, which created a stir in the entire industry. This controversy is related to two superstars of the industry and one beauty.

Now you must have understood whom we are talking about. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s fight. At one time there was such a fight between Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, who were once best friends, that they did not even like to see each other for years. Both used to ignore each other. For a long time no one could know the real reason of this fight. So let us tell you the reason for the biggest fight of Bollywood today, due to which the industry was divided into two camps.

What was the reason for the fight?
Shah Rukh and Salman’s fight took place during Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. After which both did not talk to each other for years. It is said that Aishwarya Rai was the reason for the fight between Shahrukh and Salman. The story behind this is that in the year 2002, Salman had a fight with Aishwarya on the sets of Chalte Chalte, after which Aishwarya was replaced by Rani Mukherjee in the film. Since then, a rift had started between the two. Its anger erupted in 2008 at Katrina’s birthday party.

There was a fight at Katrina’s birthday party
Shah Rukh arrived with wife Gauri at Katrina’s birthday party, where Salman was also present. Meanwhile, Salman taunted her and it is said that after this the talk between the two increased so much that the matter reached to a scuffle. On this, Katrina and Gauri intervened and pacified the fight. But, their rift that started after this lasted for years. In 2018, Shahrukh talked about it and told that the reason for this fight was very personal.

Shahrukh talked about this fight in an interview and said that he is very ashamed of his fight with Salman. He said- ‘I just hope that this never happens between us now. I do not know how to tell him about this but, then I told him about it. It is said that the reconciliation between the two superstars was done by Baba Siddiqui in his Iftar party.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 16, 2023, 14:26 IST

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