Can You Buy A gr Domain?

Can You Buy A gr Domain?

can you buy a .gr domain? If you have the same question then kudos! you’ve landed on the best article on the web. in this article we will be writing about the .gr domain and how to get a .gr domain.

What is a .gr Domain?

.gr is a Domain extension having .gr at the end. It refers to the country-level domain extension of country Greek.

Can You Buy A gr Domain?
Can You Buy A gr Domain?

Can You Buy A gr Domain?

The answer is yes, you can buy a .gr domain.

Price of a .gr Domain

Transfer (including annual fee)€39.00
Change of the owner€39.00
Modification of domain data€0.00

Informational resources on .gr domains

General Information & Trends

Greece has registered the .gr domain as its own nation’s top-level domain; this extension is known as a ccTLD, or country code top-level domain. The .gr top-level domain was formally launched in 1989. Since then, this form of the top-level domain has been available for purchase and registration. All domains are controlled by the Greek registry FORTH, which has its headquarters in Heraklion.

Prior to August 2004, only Greek citizens were eligible to own domains; however, since then, the rules have been updated to allow any webmaster or administrator in the world to do so.

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Basic Information

It is possible to transfer a .gr domain.

Transfer auth-code domain transfer requires an auth-code.

Domain Protection

Your .gr domain cannot have a transfer lock set.

alteration of ownership

For .gr domains, ownership changes are feasible.

Domains with international characters (IDN)

Special characters are permitted in your .gr domain.

Domains in numbers

Numbers alone are not permitted in a .gr domain.

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newly registered

2 years to a maximum of 10 years.


2 years, maximum 2 years
The time period for registration
The .gr domain registration process can take up to 3 hours Notice period
34 days prior to the domain’s expiration, a notice of termination is required.

Unique provisions

The length of a .gr domain can range from 3 to 63 characters. Hyphens may be used, but not at the start or end of the domain, or twice in a row (for example, aa -bb .gr).
Additionally, it should be taken into
Within five working days, the registrar will review registrations. It is possible in extraordinary circumstances that a registration will not be accepted. The domain will be removed in this situation. A cost refund is not included.

further Details


We want to let you know that the gr. top-level domain has been registered: Although we are able to complete your new registration within three hours thanks to our cutting-edge real-time ordering system, the Greek registry may not accept your domain registration for up to five days. In unusual circumstances, the appropriate authorities may not grant clearance; in this situation, we are regrettably ineligible to cover the cost of domain verification.

Before purchasing your personal .gr domains, it’s crucial to be aware of the following requirements: Please make sure your selected domain is not less than 3 characters or more than 63 signs in length. Special character-containing .gr domains cannot yet be registered, however, you can use numbers or entirely numeric domains.

Have you made the decision to purchase and register your own Greek domain? The entire Easyname team is eager to assist you with your order: Anytime you have inquiries or issues, feel free to send an email to We anticipate receiving your requests.


Giving an exact number of registered domains is quite challenging because the Greek registry FORTH still processes the majority of domain registrations on paper. There have been no statistics for the .gr domain issued by the relevant registry in Greece so far. Since August 2004, you can register a domain name anywhere in the world; as a result, you should buy and register your preferred .gr domain names as soon as you can, before one of your rivals contacts you. It is strongly advised to purchase and register a domain in order to display your nationality on the internet, particularly if you are a private or business in the Greek community.

How can I purchase a Greek .gr domain name?

  • You can acquire domain name straight from ” ” as a member. Our domain technical support staff provides you with free technical support on domain name registration if you have any questions about domain name.
  • Purchase domain. domain name includes free Whois Protection, free DNS, and other services. Purchase a domain for Greece today!
  • Greece’s country code
  • Each nation has a unique domain extension that is assigned by an individual. domain extension is used in Greece. The domain extension for the nation of Greece domain name extension is used by websites with extensions related to Greece. The example domains are,, and Search For A Domain In Greece
  • makes it simple to search for and register domain names. Greek domain names and how to purchase Greek domain names.
  • Asking Greece’s “Atak Domain” to purchase a Greece fr domain allows you to make a transaction Greece Domain Name Free Support
  • Our knowledgeable technical support staff is available to you without charge for assistance with domain names.
  • For businesses who are aiming to sell in Greece, the registration of the domain name is crucial. Likewise,.grm domains domain names For domain investors stranded in market, Greece is an alternative.
  • Market for domain names – Domain Name Investing and The fact that internet and information technologies dominate trade has boosted the Greece domain market. The “Atak Technology” domain experts can provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the Greece domain market.
  • Greek 3–4-letter domains
  • Four-letter domains,.net,.org, are no longer used. The country domains are becoming more popular on the domain market. A nice alternative for you can be domains for Greece with extension.
  • The domain name for Greece How do we conduct a Google Domains search?
  • Greece domain extensions are typically looked for using the following keywords in English on the Google search whois,.gr whois lookup,.gr whois search,.gr whois server, and domain name. Internet users in Turkey are also seeking domain names with the search words when they wish to make domain registrations; they domain name inquiry, Greece domain name inquiry, Greece domain registration, domain name purchase.
  • Domain Extensions for Greece
  • domain extension is used in Greece. Greece is represented by the abbreviation “.gr,” which is also the country’s internet code. Website extensions from Greece include,, and makes it simple to search for and domain extensions for Greece.

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