Difficult times and mental stress, the South actor could not bear the pressure; Hug death at the age of 43

The case of suicide from the South Film Industry is not taking the name of stopping. Some time ago dead bodies of many actresses were found from their house. After this, the case of TV actress Tunisha Verma came to the fore. Earlier, his suicide case was also told, but later there were many revelations in it and it was told as a murder case. In such a situation, once again there is a wave of mourning in the South Industry. In fact, on Monday, January 23, Telugu actor Sudheer Verma has committed suicide at his home in Visakhapatnam. This has been confirmed by his co-actor Sudhakar. He has given information about this by writing an emotional post on social media. Along with this, he has also expressed condolences.

Why the South actor decided to embrace death (Sudheer Verma Death) has not been disclosed yet. But, it is being told in some media reports that he was running troubled in his personal life for some time and was going through difficult times. Not only this, he was also battling mental stress. The actor could not bear this pressure and embraced death (Sudheer Verma Suicide). The investigation of this matter is going on.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 24, 2023, 09:05 IST

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