Got Mahishmati Kingdom! History is 4500 years old, today it is famous by this name; witness this fort

Khargone. You must have seen SS Rajamouli’s film ‘Bahubali’. Remember the name of the kingdom whose hero Amarendra Bahubali is the king of this film… His name was Mahishmati. Do you know that Mahishmati kingdom is not imaginary, but is recorded in our history. You must have seen the war between Kalkeya and Bahubali and the fight between Bahubali and Bhallaldev in the film for the possession of this kingdom. In both the parts of the film, the talk of this Mahishmati kingdom has been seen. But where is this Mahishmati actually? And what is his condition now? It would be very interesting to know this.

This empire shown in the film ‘Bahubali’ may have been described as fictional, but if we peep into the pages of history, then its relation comes from Madhya Pradesh. Yes, there is Maheshwar Fort in Maheshwar Nagar of Khargone district of MP. It was earlier also known as Holkar Fort. The Vindhyachal mountain range is on the left side of this very beautiful looking fort, while the Satpura hills are on the right side. The Narmada river emerges from between the two. According to the scriptures, this city has been the capital of Haihayavanshi king Sahasrarjuna who defeated Ravana. At that time it was known as Mahishmati state. According to modern history, this state was ruled by Goddess Ahilyabai in the later days.

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History and present name of Mahishmati
Maheshwar fort situated on the banks of river Narmada which was known as Mahishmati Kingdom in ancient times, its history is more than 4500 years old. This city has maintained its special identity even today. It is certain that the kingdom known as Mahishmati is now known as Maheshwar. Maheshwar Fort, also known as Ahilya Fort, located here, was named after Rajmata Ahilya Devi Holkar.

Built the fort in the memory of Ahilyabai
There is another story related to the construction of Maheshwar Fort. It is said that in the memory of Ahilyabai Holkar, her daughter-in-law Krishnabai Holkar had built this fort. This fort was built by the Holkar dynasty between the 17th and 18th centuries. Different architectural styles can be seen in the fort. This building built in Rajput, Maratha and Mughal style is still luxurious.

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What do historians say on Mahishmati
There is a difference of opinion among historians regarding the city Mahishmati or Maheshwar mentioned in the Puranas. While some people call it a city of Madhya Pradesh, many scholars believe that it was located on the banks of the Narmada River near Bharuch in the western state of Gujarat, India. In the Ancient Geography of India written by SN Majumdar, the existence of Mahishmati is given as the present Maheshwar, while KM Munshi describes it as a city of Gujarat. In the Asiatic Researches published in 1807, Mr. Wilford, self. Historians like Karandikar, SK Dixit have also described present Maheshwar as Mahishmati.

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