Got married, converted to Islam, Rakhi Sawant will perform Umrah before honeymoon, said- there relationship..

Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant has been in constant discussion ever since she confirmed her marriage with boyfriend Adil Durrani. He confessed in front of paparazzi that he got married according to Islamic customs. Accepted Islam to get his love. She was also seen crying for her husband. In the past, Rakhi was also seen in hijab. Rakhi is now going to make her relationship more sure. He has decided to go on Umrah before going on honeymoon with Adil.

Please tell, Rakhi Sawant changed her name to marry Adil Durrani. She has now become Fatima. The pictures of their secret wedding have been going viral on social media ever since Rakhi revealed about it. Recently, Rakhi Sawant was seen visiting her ailing mother at the hospital in a hijab. Now he has told about his planning to perform Umrah.

In the video shared by Instant Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant said that going on Umrah is a very important step for her and Adil. They want to start their journey together by seeking blessings from Allah. Rakhi said about this when the couple was asked about the honeymoon plan after marriage.

Rakhi Sawant reacting on her honeymoon said, “First we will go to Umrah. It is very important, once the relationship is established there, no one can break it. The relationships that Allah connects, no human can break. Adil also reacted to this talk of Rakhi. He said, “Will go. There’s a lot happening right now.”

Rakhi Sawant wore hijab

Rakhi Sawant wore an abaya with a hijab while visiting her mother in the hospital with Adil Durrani. Rakhi’s mother is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in the hospital. Rakhi and Adil have first court marriage and later Nikah.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 20, 2023, 09:29 IST

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