Govinda yearned for his father’s love, Arun Ahuja did not accept his son, the reason will surprise you

Mumbai. Govinda spread fiercely in Bollywood for almost 2 decades. From comedy, action to romance and dance, Govinda dominated. Govinda, who gave more than 30 years to the industry, struggled hard to make his career. Despite being the son of an actor and producer’s father, Govinda had to start from scratch to become an actor.

On the strength of his hard work and talent, Govinda achieved a special position in fame. Govinda’s father Arun Kumar Ahuja was also a Bollywood actor and producer. There was a time when Arun Kumar Ahuja got angry as soon as Govinda was born. Not only this, Arun Ahuja did not even accept Govinda as his son. Arun Ahuja did not adopt him many years after he was born. There is also an interesting reason for Arun Ahuja’s displeasure with Govinda.

The reason for father Arun Ahuda’s displeasure with Govinda
Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi was also an actress. Before marriage, Nirmala Devi belonged to a Muslim family and her name used to be Nazim. After marriage, Nazim changed his religion and named Nirmala. As soon as Nirmala Devi became pregnant, she decided to become a Sadhvi. Govinda was in mother’s womb at that time.

After the birth of Govinda, his mother never made relation with his father. Govinda has revealed in many interviews that my mother used to live with my father but did not make any relation with him. Arun considered Govinda to be the reason for Nirmala Devi’s decision. He used to think that it was because of Govinda that Nirmala Devi became a Sadhvi.

not adopted for years
Govinda’s father never picked him up for years. However, later the differences between the two disappeared and there was a lot of love. Govinda’s father was a producer with the actor. However, later he suffered losses in films and had to sell his bungalow and move to another place. Due to financial constraints, the whole family has also struggled hard.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 18, 2023, 19:57 IST

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