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SS The song ‘Naatu-Naatu’ from Rajamouli’s block buster movie ‘RRR’ has received the Golden Globe Award. During this, a statement of Rajamouli has come out in which he is saying that ‘RRR’ is not a Bollywood film, but a Telugu film, which comes from the south of India. I do not use songs unnecessarily in the film, I use songs to take the story forward. The country is heartily thankful and grateful to Rajamouli and his team for giving the country an opportunity to make the country proud. It is really a matter of pride for the country. The whole country including the Prime Minister is proud of this, it should also be done. The song of Rajamouli’s film gave the country the ‘first Golden Globe Award’.

But wait a second, is this the country’s first Golden Globe Award? The answer is – yes, and also no! Of course, this is the first Golden Globe Award received for ‘Best Original Song – Motion Picture’, but before that, in 2009, the composer of India has received this award for ‘Best Original Music’. The film was ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and the music was by A.R. Rahman. Let us tell that the most popular song ‘Jai Ho’ composed by Gulzar and Rahman duo of this film also got the Oscar for Best Original Song. It also received the Grammy Award. It is a different matter that this film was not Indian. But its artists and song-composers were Indian, its story was also on the Indian background. But Rahman, who composed the song of victory for Bollywood in ‘Bollywood vs South India’, is also basically a South Indian musician. It is a different matter that later he settled in Bollywood. Apart from this, the film ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ has received the prestigious International Award in 1959.

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Rajamouli further says that he does not unnecessarily keep songs in the film, he uses the songs to take the story forward. They are absolutely right. Look at ‘Naatu-Naatu’, the song meets this criterion. While agreeing with Rajamouli, it is necessary to say that barring an exception, of course, these days English songs are not going to take the story of the film forward. But English songs of old Bollywood films used to boost up the story of the film. These evergreen old songs were completely supportive of the situation and the story, taking it forward. Rajamouli is the filmmaker of the 21st century. His Pan India image has been made only after ‘Bahubali’ (2015).

We do not say that Rajamouli has learned this trick from Bollywood itself, but there is no hesitation in saying that Bollywood has been using and enriching the evergreen songs which take the story forward. In these songs, there used to be talk of love and love, there used to be deep philosophy too. Bollywood has a deep connection with song, music and dance. New or old songs of English films have been sung, hummed and liked all over India. What to say about the old evergreen songs? English songs have such power that the people of southern states who are staunchly against English have also been fond of English songs. But all these things do not matter, because the amazing work done by Rajamouli’s team is truly unmatched. Rajamouli, composer M.M. Keeravani deserve many thanks and congratulations for bringing laurels to the country in the world. Actor Ramcharan and Junior NT Rama Rao have also done wonders. He has danced with very fast steps. According to Ramcharan, ‘my knees are still shaky’.

Story of ‘Natu-Natu’

He adds, “The work he and his co-star NT Rama Rao Jr. did in ‘Naatu-Naatu’ paid off.” One of the specialties of the dance was that the steps and movements of the artists are so fast that there is a doubt whether it is original or it has been shown fast by using ‘computer trick’. On observing the steps/movements of the people behind the dancer and the crowd, the doubt goes away that this dance is a dance with natural fast steps and no trick has been used in it to show fast, there is no locha. One more person needs to be congratulated for this dance, that is choreographer Premarakshit, without his creation this feat would not have been possible. Film or song picturization is a collective undertaking, so the singer duo Rahul Sipliganj and Kala Bhairava should also be remembered.

The public also liked ‘Natu-Natu’ very much.

Yes, the whole song is not only interesting, but proving Rajamouli’s statement right, proves to be a clear taker of the story. It is said that the feet of a son are visible only in the cradle; this song is also like that. He has just been awarded the award, the people’s court had crowned him long ago. With more than 10 million views and likes. Let us tell that in the world of films, Golden Globe is a unique award which was earlier given only for movies. Later it was also given for TV serials. Started in 1944, this award is given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In this, voting is done by a group of journalists. The Golden Globe was also accused of being affected by racial discrimination. Later, partial reform was claimed in its jury.

Award brings more prestige

105 members vote at the Golden Globes, 9,000 at the Oscars, 20,000 at the Emmys and 6,000 at the BAFTAs. The song of ‘RRR’ has got this award. This film also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Non-English Movie. Unfortunately, she could not get the award and lost to ‘Argentina 1985’ in the award for ‘The Best Picture in a Foreign Language’. ‘RRR’ has got respect at another place. It has received LA’s ‘Critic’s Choice Award’ for Best Foreign Language Film. ‘Natu-Natu’ has an interesting connection to Ukraine. This song was shot in front of the official building of the President of Ukraine Zalensky. Please tell that Zelensky himself has been an artist, a comedy artist.

This prestigious award to ‘Natu-Natu’ also means a lot because the songs which were in the competition of this song were sung by veteran singers of USA. These included singers Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. All these singers are icons of American and Western music industry. It was not easy to win the match with them, ‘Natu-Natu’ has defeated them by going to their ground. That’s why it is a great achievement.

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