How did Govinda get married to Mami’s sister? Kept hidden for 4 years, Sunita-Chichi’s love story is interesting

MumbaiBollywood actor Govinda (Govidna) has been stuck in English cinema for years. Govinda has been 56 years old (Govinda Age), but even today he is active. Sometimes he is seen in a show and sometimes in a film. Not only in the 90s, even today there are millions of fans of his strong comedy. That’s why, whenever his films come on TV, people spend hours in front of the TV. There was a time when not only common girls, Bollywood actresses were also crazy about him. But, meanwhile, Chichi surprised everyone with the news of her marriage to her maternal aunt’s sister Sunita Ahuja.

Yes, Govinda had married his maternal uncle’s sister-in-law Sunita in 1987, but for some time he kept the matter of his marriage hidden from the world, as many stars have done. However, he could not hide his marriage from the world for long. Because, he thought that the news of marriage could affect his stardom. But this did not happen. Even after the news of marriage surfaced, there was no effect on Govinda’s stardom.

When Govinda was 25 years old, he and Sunita got married. During this Sunita was only 18 years old. In an interview on Simi Grewal’s show, Govinda told that he had met Sunita at a family function. Because, Sunita was his maternal uncle’s sister-in-law. In the beginning, the two did not get along at all. On the matter of hiding the marriage, Govinda says- ‘I used to think that someone is trying to ruin my career. That’s why when I was asked to announce my marriage now, I did not announce it. Which I regret.

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Govinda and Sunita’s marriage has been more than 32 years.

On the other hand, when Kapil attended The Kapil Sharma Show with wife Sunita, here too Sunita was seen talking about her pre-marriage tussle with Govinda. Govinda and Sunita have been married for 32 years. Like every relationship, there were many problems in this relationship, but Govinda and Sunita are still together even after every difficulty. Both were often seen attending many shows together and were also seen talking about their successful married life. As a Bollywood actor, the actor has been seen talking about the difficulties he had to face while running his marriage.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 10:43 IST

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