How to start a Blog as a Complete Beginner

How to start a Blog as a Complete Beginner?

hello folks, If you are a complete beginner and really want to get into the blogging business but don’t know how and where to start then this might be the best article for you because in this article we will cover a to z on How to start a Blog as a complete Beginner.

How to start a Blog as a Complete Beginner?

If you want to start a blog and are confused about how to start as a complete beginner then follow the steps mentioned below. I’ve tried to describe every step as easily as possible.

  1. Identify your Niche
  2. Buy domain
  3. Buy Hosting
  4. Setup Domain and Hosting
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Install a Theme
  7. Customize your theme
  8. Make pages and categories
  9. Start writing articles
  10. Monetize with Google Adsense
  11. Start earning.

I know it isn’t that easy to start a Blog as stated in the above points. so, let’s dig into the above-stated points and find out more about Starting a Blog.

Identify your Niche

Niche is the most crucial factor in Blogging as per my blogging experience. If you end up getting into a high competition niche then it is very difficult to get the rankings.

How To find the Niche for your blog?

the niche of your blog depends upon you. You must know your niche if you don’t know anything about your niche and what you are writing about then it is not going to work because you won’t have any new content ideas and you will run out of content.

so, How do we find the perfect niche for our blog?

Choose your niche wisely before starting a blog. You should know every update and new thing coming up in your niche so that you never ran out of article ideas.

Writing about the latest happening trending topics in your niche can help you rank more easily than targeting keywords.

After finding your niche you should better get a domain name including a word related to your niche.

eg. if you select your niche on the animal then it is better if you get a domain name including animal on it.

Buy Domain

Domain Name Plays a Great Role in your Blog Branding. If You want to build a brand and want to make passive income from blogging then a good domain name is the most. Now you might be considering what makes a Domain name a Good Domain Name?

How to start a Blog as a Complete Beginner

Here is the checklist you can check before Buying a Domain

  1. Buy a Top-Level Domain
  2. Include English Alphabet on your Domain Name
  3. Try to get a short Domain Name
  4. The domain name must be easy to pronounce
  5. Try to get a Unique Domain Name

Now Let’s Discuss the above points in Brief

1. Buy a Top-Level Domain

To build a good brandable blogging business. the domain extension must be top-level. and If you are thinking about what is a top-level domain? then let me make this easy. A Domain is top-level if it has extensions like .com, .net, .info etc

2. Include the English Alphabet on your Domain Name

Another in the checklist before buying a domain is you should use only the English alphabet in your domain name. What it does is, It helps everyone to understand the domain name and can be easily transferred the information that what your website is all about just from your domain name.

3. Try to get a short Domain Name

Why a short domain name?

Try to get a short and easy-to-pronounce domain name because it helps your blog to be easily remembered and can be spread easily with word of mouth and can result in an increase in traffic.

4. The domain name must be easy to pronounce

Try to get an easy-to-pronounce domain name because it helps your blog to be easily remembered and can be spread easily with word of mouth and can result in repeated readers

5. Try to get a Unique Domain Name

A Unique Domain name is Necessary because it helps your website to easily get on the top of Google SERP.

And after ticking all the above mention points you might be considering where to buy a domain name? From my 5 years of experience in blogging and running more than 20+ websites, I’ve come to conclude that the best domain name buying website is Namecheap.

Why Namecheap?

I recommend everyone to buy a domain from Namecheap because provides domains at the best price than the market competitors and also runs multiple offers which make domains more valuable for your money.

Buy Hosting

The next step in starting a new blog is Buying Hosting. Hosting plays a great role in your site. If you end up getting bad hosting then whether you do great content and link building but you’ll end up getting low traffic. Good hosting is the most to establishing and running a successful blog.

If you ask me, what hosting plan am I using for this website? then my answer is Namecheap hosting. and the reason I am using Namecheap hosting is because of their great support and value for money hosting plans that helped me start my blog at a super affordable price also Namecheap hosting provides a great speed than other hosting companies that I’ve tried throughout my blogging journey.

Setup Domain and Hosting

The next step after buying the domain and hosting is to set up your domain DNS to the hosting you’ve purchased. This is really easy to do.

Steps to get your Domain into Hosting

  • go to your Namecheap dashboard
  • then go to the manage option of your domain
  • then click on custom DNS
  • And choose custom Nameservers
  • Then change the DNS According to your hosting providers
  • eg. if you’re using Namecheap hosting then it is. and
  • it might take up to 24 hours to change reflect your DNS change

Install WordPress

The next step after setting your domain and hosting is installing WordPress to your domain. which is complicated to hear but not that complicated to do. let me show you how to install WordPress to your domain.

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  • Go to your Cpanel dashboard.
  • and in Exclusive For Namecheap Customers go to Softaculous Apps Installer

  • under installation go to a WordPress install
  • Now choose your domain name and make sure https:// is selected to get an SSL certificate.
  • Now insert your desired username and password for the WordPress dashboard and your email and other required details
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and click on install
  • Now WordPress is installed on your domain.

Install A Theme

The next step after installing a domain is installing a theme. but before you install a theme you must know about what types of themes are best to use.

If you want better rankings and better results then choosing a theme wisely is very necessary. To be a good theme, the theme must be

  1. Fast
  2. Responsive
  3. doesn’t contain too many elements
  4. Easy to customize etc.

Here’s a list of themes that we recommend for beginners

  1. Generatepress
  2. Astra
  3. wp-Berita
  4. squaretype etc.

these are just examples you can use any that you like

How to install a theme?

To install a theme do the following steps:

  • first, go to the website dashboard. i.e.
  • then go to the appearance
  • Now go to themes
  • then search for the theme that you want to install in the search bar or add the theme if you’ve downloaded the theme and upload it
  • After that click on Activate and again click on install
  • And this is it you’ve successfully installed a theme to your website

Customize your theme

Customizing themes totally depends upon you. you can customize the theme as how you like and if you are a complete beginner then you can hire a freelancer or watch a tutorial on youtube to customize your theme how you want.

Make pages and categories

Making pages and categories is the most important to monetize your blog. if you have not made a proper page then Adsense will not give you approval for sure.

How to make a page?

You can use page generators to generate all the pages of your website

steps to make a page

  • first, Go to the Dashboard of your website.
  • Now go to pages and add a new page

Which pages are the most to make?

Here’s a list of pages that you must make:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Condition
  • Disclaimer
  • About Us
  • Contact us

and for the categories, you can make the categories and make categories on your niche that you like to write on.

Steps to create a category

  • first, Go to the Dashboard of your website.
  • Now go to Posts and add a click on a category. then type category name and click on add new category

Start writing articles

After doing all the things mentioned above. The next thing to do is to start writing articles. just no article but good quality with good on-page SEO to get better rankings on Google so that you can easily take your blog to next level.

Monetize with Google Adsense

after publishing a couple of articles you can apply to Google Adsense and start earning with google adsense.

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