Husband used to make actress work even in high fever, brutally beaten! Broke with pain, made a second marriage

Mumbai: Devika Rani, who was called the First Lady of Indian cinema, was bold, outspoken, and had the ability to live life on her own terms. The very beautiful Devika entered the silver screen at a time when women were banned from leaving the house. Devika showed a new direction to the society by becoming an actress and made it easier for women to enter the film world. Devika Rani has a big contribution in the stage at which Indian cinema is today.

Not only this, for which scene on the screen is also remembered. Even today there is hue and cry on the kissing scene on the screen, think how much panic would have been created when Devika Rani had given a kissing scene in those days. Educated abroad, Devika of independent thoughts may have raised the name of India in the world in her professional life, but her personal life was very difficult. The one whom he made a companion got both mental and physical torture.

Devika-Himanshu’s kissing scene was in discussion
Had met actor-filmmaker Himanshu Rai even before coming to films. Himanshu and Devika had an age gap of about 16 years, but started liking each other and got married. Devika and Himanshu played the role of a couple in the 1933 film ‘Karma’. In this film, a long kissing scene of about 4 minutes was given. Everything was going well. Both were busy making their dreams come true.

Himanshu started fighting with Devika
Along with Himanshu, Devika laid the foundation of Bombay Talkies, the first professional studio, and worked hard. Worked in about a dozen films. The beautiful and talented actress became the favorite of the audience. She was working very hard but was not getting credit for it. During this, Devika came to know that Himanshu is already married and is also the father of the daughter, so their relationship started getting bitter. The relationship started breaking down to such an extent that Himanshu Rai started torturing Devika Rani. Used to treat them very badly, used to force them to work hard even in high fever. Once she was beaten so badly that she fell on the floor and started bleeding.

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Devika got happiness from second husband
Bombay Talkies was badly affected when the Second World War started, the German staff were arrested by the British. Himanshu Rai had a nervous breakdown in 1940 and died. After the death of Himanshu, Devika ran the studio as a producer. Later she sold all the shares of the studio and married Russian artist Svetoslav Roerich. She got the life she wanted to live only after her marriage to Roerich. This information has been given in Kishwar Desai’s book ‘The Logest Kiss: The Life and Times of Devika Rani’.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 20, 2023, 16:17 IST

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