Married leaving his wife, once Boney Kapoor used to tie Rakhi with Sridevi, the reason is interesting

New Delhi: Even though Sridevi is not in this world today, but will always be alive in the hearts of her fans. He made crores of people crazy with his acting, dance and beauty. There were a lot of discussions about the love of kind-hearted Sridevi. She was deeply in love with Mithun Chakraborty before marrying Boney Kapoor, but later the circumstances became such that she had to leave Mithun Chakraborty and hold Boney Kapoor’s hand.

When Sridevi was in a romantic relationship with Mithun Chakraborty, she used to consider Boney Kapoor as her adopted brother and was a good friend of his wife Mona Kapoor. For the sake of friendship, Mona Kapoor gave shelter to Sridevi in ​​her house, but Mithun Chakraborty could not take it easily. They used to doubt Sridevi. Mithun thinks that Sridevi is having an affair with Boney Kapoor.

According to media reports, Mona Kapoor had told in an interview that Sridevi had tied Rakhi to Boney Kapoor to prove her loyalty in front of Mithun. It is said that when his wife Geeta Bali came to know about Mithun’s affair with Sridevi, there was a ruckus between them. Gradually, the distance between Mithun and Sridevi kept on forming.

Boney Kapoor reveals his feelings for Sridevi on the sets of ‘Mr India’
Due to living in the same house, love started to flourish between Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. In an interview, Sridevi had told that when she got to know Boney Kapoor closely, she had given her heart to him. After all, the married Boney Kapoor became so helpless in love with Sridevi that he told her his heart on the sets of the film ‘Mr. India’. Boney Kapoor’s first wife Mona never doubted their relationship. She kept considering them as brother and sister, but when their truth came to the fore, she was deeply shocked.

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Boney Kapoor married Sridevi in ​​1996. (Photo courtesy-instagram @boney.kapoor)

People were surprised by Sridevi’s death
Boney Kapoor, 67, finally married his sister Sridevi in ​​1996. He has two daughters from this relationship. While Jhanvi Kapoor has worked in many films, Khushi Kapoor is all set to make her debut with ‘The Archies’. Sridevi died in 2018 under mysterious circumstances in a hotel in Dubai. The investigation said that he died due to accidental drowning in the bathtub. Her fans and viewers were shocked and surprised by the news of her death.

Sridevi appeared in the film for the first time at the age of 4
In the initial news related to the death of Sridevi, cardiac arrest was said to be the cause of his death. When the actress passed away, Jhanvi Kapoor was not with her. She was in Mumbai due to work. Sridevi left this world at the young age of 54. He worked in memorable films of the 80-90 era. She first appeared as a child artist in the Tamil film ‘Kandhan Karunai’, which was released in 1967. Then his age was 4 years. After working in South Cinema, Sridevi turned to Bollywood. The 1975 film ‘Julie’ is his first Bollywood film. Some of the memorable films of the actress include ‘Mr India’, ‘Chandni’ and ‘Nagina’.

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