Namrita Shirodkar missed out on a mistake and Miss Universe 1993 title, people said after watching the viral video – ‘This stupidity…’

Mumbai: Actress Namrata Shirodkar distanced herself from the film world only after marrying South Superstar Mahesh Babu. She has not appeared in any film for a long time. But, do you know that Namrata has represented India at the international level. Yes, the actress participated in the Miss Universe 1993 (Namrata Shirodkar Miss Universe 1993) contest from India and went a long way, the video of which is viral on social media. Namrata Shirodkar is seen answering the question asked in the question-answer round in this video. After watching this video, many users reacted to it and are now calling the answer of the actress as her stupidity. Users say that due to her answer, she lost the crown of Miss Universe.

Namrata Shirodkar’s Miss Universe 1993 old video is being shared. In which Namrata is asked that if she gets a chance to live forever, what would she do and why? The answer given by Namrata on this could not satisfy the netizens. In response, the actress says- ‘I would not like to live forever. I think that cannot be alive forever. But, the judges did not like this answer of humility and perhaps this was the reason that her journey from Miss Universe 1993 ended at number six.

Seeing Namrata’s old video, netizens say that not only the judges of Miss Universe, but also the people of India will not be satisfied with her answer. Reacting to Namrata’s video, a user called it ‘silly’. On the other hand, some said that due to this answer, Namrata got out of the Miss Universe 1993 contest. One user said, I did not like his answer. Seeing the viral video of Namrata on the social media platform, a user said that it was an imaginary question, according to which Namrata’s answer should have been given.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 13:17 IST

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