Not because of Pathan, now Shahrukh Khan has become a troll on this act, the matter is of 4.74 crores…


Shahrukh Khan wore a watch worth crores during an event. After this his photo became viral on social media. Now his fans are also sharing many funny posts.

New Delhi. After joining the list of world’s richest actors with his new film Pathan, Shahrukh Khan was already in headlines and now he has done such a thing that he is trending on social media especially on Twitter. Recently, Shahrukh reached the opening ceremony of an International Cricket League. During this, as soon as he waved his fans, people’s attention went to his watch and from here his photos started going viral. Actually Shahrukh Khan was wearing a watch of a company called Audemars Piguet.

Now the shocking thing is not that they are going viral regarding Shahrukh’s watch, but the price of this watch. Actually the cost of this watch of Shahrukh is Rs 4.74 crore. Named Ceramic AP Perpetual Calendar, this watch comes in a ceramic case with glare proof sapphire crystals. Also there is a diamond on its screw lock. This watch is specially designed for celebrities and it is made on order, that means an order has to be placed to get this watch made. The diameter of this watch is 41 mm, while its thickness is 9.5 mm. It comes with 20 meter water resistance.

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Shahrukh Khan’s watch after which he is trending on social media. (Photo courtesy Twitter)

people joking
At the same time, after the photo with Shahrukh’s watch went viral on social media, some funny comments of people are also coming. A user wrote on Twitter that I will buy the 40th copy of this watch from Sarojini for Rs.400. On the other hand, another user wrote that SRK has worn the weekend box office collection of the film. Another user wrote that time looks the same or something different. Does this watch tell the future?

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 18, 2023, 18:47 IST

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