Rekha’s step mother was also a superstar, owner of crores, but husband snatched everything

New Delhi- The life of Bollywood superstar Rekha has been very interesting. You must have heard many stories related to the life of evergreen actress Rekha, who ruled the hearts of people for years. Everyone is aware of this fact that the father of this actress was a well-known personality. But do you know that Rekha’s step mother was also a superstar. Actress Mahanati Savitri, who ruled the South Industry in the 60s and 70s, is also known as Rekha’s stepmother. It would not be wrong to call Mahanati Savitri the first female superstar of South. Even in that decade, this actress was the owner of property worth 100 crores.

It is said about Savitri that she was so fond of jewelry that a goldsmith was always present in her house. This actress may have been born in a poor family, but on the strength of her ability, this actress has traveled from floor to floor. But at the peak of her career, this actress fell in love with a man, marrying whom proved to be the biggest mistake of her life.

Mahanati Savitri had a secret marriage with Gemini Ganesan, already married and father of 4 children. Gemini Ganesan was not only already married but he had an extra-marital affair along with a marriage. According to media reports, Gemini Ganesan has two daughters from this affair, whose names are Rekha and Radha.

Met during the audition
Mahanati Savitri met Gemini Ganesan while auditioning at Gemini Studio. With the help of Gemini, this actress also got the film. However, Savitri was later dropped from that film. But even they did not know when she fell in love with Gemini Ganesan while meeting for work. Savitri and Gemini had kept their marriage hidden from the eyes of the world for a long time. According to media reports, the marriage of this couple was revealed when Savitri wrote her name as Savitri Ganesan while signing an ad film.

Husband got addicted to alcohol-
The Telugu film ‘Maya Bazar’, released in 1958, brought Mahanati Savitri to the pinnacle of fame. People became so crazy about his acting in this film that people started worshiping him. This thing could not be tolerated by the husband of this actress and in jealousy, Gemini decided to ruin Savitri’s career. He slowly made Savitri addicted to alcohol. Because of her husband’s deceit and bad behavior, Savitri went on drowning in alcohol.

Was in a coma for 19 months-
This actress got so addicted to drugs that she even ruined her career. Due to not getting work, this actress slowly went into debt. Due to non-payment of taxes for years, all his property was confiscated. Struggling with poverty and loneliness, this actress went into a coma in 1980 and died after being in a coma for almost 19 months.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 06:30 IST

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