Seeing Shubman Gill, ‘Sara-Sara’ echoed in the stadium, video VIRAL, Sara Ali Khan or Sara Tendulkar?

Mumbai: Shubhman Gill is dominating these days. In personal life as well as for hitting fours and sixes on the cricket field. Team India’s star batsman remains in headlines for his batting as well as dating news. Won the hearts of the fans by opening brilliantly in the India-New Zealand match. A video of Shubman scoring a double century has surfaced on social media, but this video is not of the New Zealand match but of the match with Sri Lanka. In this, instead of chanting the name of Shubman Gill, the fans sitting in the stadium, seeing the cricketer in front, started chanting ‘Sara-Sara’. Since Shubman Gill’s name is associated with both Sara Ali Khan and Sara Tendulkar, there is confusion.

Shubman Gill’s name is associated with two beauties and see the coincidence, both are named Sara. Cricketers who have scored a double century are dominating the social media these days. A video of Shubman from the cricket field is going viral, in which spectators sitting in the stadium are chanting ‘Sara-Sara’.

Shubman Gill’s reaction after listening to Sara-Sara
It is seen in this video that as Shubman Gill reaches the boundary of the stadium while running after the ball, the audience sitting there started saying all the things. However, there is no reaction from the cricketer on this slogan of the audience.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 19, 2023, 11:59 IST

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