Shark Tank India 2: Aman Gupta did not like ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi’, Anupam Mittal said, ‘Wicked business idea..’

New Delhi: When Siddharth Raghuvanshi and Yushika Jolly reached the stage of Shark Tank India 2 to raise investment for their hair dye brand, Lenskart CEO Piyush Bansal remembered his Canada days. He had once dyed his hair red, due to which people started calling him ‘Lal Baal’.

Siddharth and Yushika show their herbal hair dye to the judges and tell about their business. They demand Rs 65 lakh for 1 per cent equity. Piyush Bansal is ready to give them the same. The rest of the judges also show interest in it, finally accepting the offer of Rs 65 lakh with 2 per cent equity along with founder Aman and Vinita.

When Chhavi Singh explained about her luxury homeware, kitchenware and decor products, the judges got interested in it. Delhi’s Chhavi Singh demanded Rs 50 lakh on 1 per cent equity. Vineeta told them that she was looking for items for her home, but she did not see their brand online. Aman said that he went to a shop, where he saw the cutlery that she is showing in her product and says that nothing seems new in her product. Chhavi was somehow able to satisfy the judges with her words and accepted Namita’s offer of Rs 50 lakh for 2 per cent equity.

Told the product ‘magic hug’
Hardik Rathore finally presents his unique product Sleep Relaxer in front of the judges and explains its specialty. They say that their product is like a ‘magic hug’ for people who have a hard time sleeping and it is based on cocoon therapy. Hardik claims that he supplies this product to hotels, corporate houses and wholesalers. They demand Rs 35 lakh on 20 per cent equity.

Judge not happy with Hardik Rathore’s product
Since it was a sleepwear brand, there was also a bed. Anupam agrees to test their brand, but jokingly says, ‘Aa jaoonga, par palang mein aapke saath nahin aaoonga’. 48 year old Anupam uses the product, but is not satisfied with it. They ask Hardik that how will they use Loo with it. Anupam then asks Aman to join them. All the sharks start laughing. None of the judges like his idea. Anupam Mittal calls the business idea ridiculous, while 40-year-old Aman Gupta advises him to close the business.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 14, 2023, 17:11 IST

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