She looked exactly like Madhubala, Mumbai’s don was heartbroken on seeing her, got married quickly

Mumbai: A beautiful actress like Madhubala, whose smile and style used to kill the audience. It was a dream come true to look like such a beautiful actress. There was a time when the underworld used to interfere in the film world. In the 60-70s, Mumbai’s Don Haji Mastan used to be very much discussed. Haji Mastan used to finance the film and had a lot of influence. Haji’s heart fell on actress Madhubala. He wanted to get married, but all his dreams were shattered by Madhubala’s death. Meanwhile, there is the entry of a new actress Sona, who looked like Madhubala.

Sona’s real name was Shahjahan Begum. She was as tall as Madhubala, smiling in the same way, eyes like that, whoever saw her was surprised. Madhubala, whom Haji Mastan used to dream of getting, went crazy on seeing Sona who looked exactly like her. It was not even difficult for Haji to get gold.

Dilip Kumar was also cheated
Since Haji Mastan was a film financier and the film with which Sona made her debut, it was Don Haji who had invested money. Discussions about Sona’s beauty started happening in the entire industry. It is said that veteran actor Dilip Kumar was also surprised when he saw Sona for the first time. Haji Mastan one day put an offer of marriage in front of Sona. Sona married Haji.

Dilip Kumar

Sleeping with Dilip Kumar. (Photo Credits: Bollywooddirect/Twitter)

Had left the industry after marrying Haji Mastan
Sona may have looked like Madhubala, but she could never become an A grade actress. He worked in films like ‘Biwi Rent Ki’, ‘Anarkali Ki Mohabbat’, ‘Aadamkhor’. After marrying Haji, she broke ties with acting and started taking care of her family.

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bad last minute
It is said that as long as Haji Mastan was alive, Sona lived a life of luxury, but after Haji’s death, she faced many difficult days. Haji’s family members grabbed all the property and Sona was forced to stumble from door to door. Sona, who lived a life of poverty and oblivion, said goodbye to the world in the year 2014.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 14, 2023, 08:30 IST

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