‘Some because of religion, some are not giving home out of fear…’ Urfi Javed is not getting shelter, expressed her pain

Mumbai. Urfi Javed has been in constant discussion for the last few days. They are getting threats. There are allegations against him of spreading obscenity in a public place. A police complaint has been lodged against him. Urfi, who is most troubled by these, has also written a letter to the Maharashtra Women’s Commission, demanding protection from the Mumbai Police. Amidst all this, Urfi is unable to find a new place to stay. He has expressed his pain. He says that no one is giving him a house on rent in Mumbai. Everyone is scared for one reason or the other. Or not giving him a house on rent because of his dressing sense.

Urfi Javed has told this pain on Twitter. He says that Muslim people are not giving him a house because of his dress and Hindu people are not giving him a house because he is a Muslim. He has also talked about political threat. Urfi wrote in her tweet, “Because of the kind of clothes I wear, Muslim landlords do not want to rent houses to me.”

urfi javed tweet

Urfi Javed told the reason for not getting home. (Photo courtesy: Twitter screenshots)

Urfi Javed further wrote in his tweet, “Hindu landlords do not want to give me a house on rent because I am a Muslim. Some landlords have a problem that I am getting political threats. It is very difficult to find a house on rent in Mumbai. Many people commented on this tweet of Urfi and consoled him. Many people told that something similar has happened to them as well. Urfi also replied again on the comment of a user.

urfi javed reaction

Reaction of Urfi Javed. (Photo courtesy: Twitter screenshots)

Retweeting his old tweet, a user named Abhishek Bhalerao wrote, “This happened to me too, hope you find a good place to stay soon.” Urfi reacted to this tweet. He wrote, “Frankly every time I find it absolutely impossible for me, a single, Muslim, actress to find a house.”

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 25, 2023, 07:56 IST

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