Spectacle on Rakhi Sawant’s marriage with Adil Khan at the age of 44, now news of her being pregnant! self told truth

Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant remains in media headlines for her bold style and outspoken statements. For the past few days, there has been a lot of drama regarding Rakhi’s marriage. Rakhi had recently revealed the news of her marriage with her boyfriend Adil Durrani. After this, Adil kept silence about this marriage. Now the news of Rakhi being pregnant is also coming out.

It is being told that 44-year-old Rakhi is going to be the mother of Adil’s child. Rakhi Sawant has also given a statement regarding these reports. During a conversation with ANI, Rakhi refused to comment on the news of her pregnancy. When Rakhi was asked about the news of her pregnancy, she went ahead saying no comments.

Rakhi married Adil last year
Please tell that Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani got married last year. Although both kept the marriage a secret. After this, recently Rakhi had disclosed this. Rakhi told that she has married Adil. After Rakhi’s disclosure, Adil had denied this news. Adil kept silence on the news of marriage. After this, questions started to arise regarding the claims of Rakhi’s marriage. However, on the last day i.e. 16 January, Adil has accepted the marriage.

Accepted marriage on the behest of Salman Khan
Adil Khan has accepted the marriage after being asked by Salman Khan. Rakhi herself has disclosed this while talking to the media. Rakhi Sawant said that ‘Salman Khan loves him (Adil). He has also met his brother. They have accepted marriage only after brother’s call. Something can happen only when brother’s call came. Adil has agreed to marry Rakhi last day. Writing a post on his Instagram, Adil said that ‘Here is my decision, I have never refused to marry Rakhi. But there were some things that had to be fixed. I am happy to marry Rakhi.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 17, 2023, 14:43 IST

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