SS Rajamouli’s disclosure, RRR’s connection with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, narrated the story of Freedom Fighters

SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘RRR Movie’ has made India proud by winning two awards at the 28th Critics Choice Awards. Recently, the song ‘Naatu Naatu’, directed by him, has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song (Golden Glob Award 2023) and Best Foreign Language Film. Now the team of ‘RRR’ is fully focusing on Oscars (Oscar 2023) and movie lovers hope that the film will also get this academic award. After winning the Golden Globe Award in America, Rajamouli is giving back to back interviews, out of which many things are coming to the fore. Meanwhile, it has been learned that SS Rajamouli’s film has a connection with Best Bengal and he is also associated with Subhash Chandra Bose.

The story of RRR is true
Rajamouli recently shared this while talking about the historical significance of the film during an interview. Speaking about the film, he said that ‘RRR’ is the story of two great freedom fighters from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Alluri Seetharama Raju and Komaram Bheem. Alluri Sitarama Raju became a legend after fighting against the British in the jungles of Andhra Pradesh. He was beaten a lot by the British but the story of his bravery is recorded in the history of India’s freedom movement. But this story was known only to the people of the state as there is hardly any mention about it and this story did not reach all over India.

Netaji told the world the story of Alluri Sitaram Raju’s bravery
Rajamouli further said that when Netaji visited Visakhapatnam a few years later, he told the world about Alluri Sitarama Raju’s brave fight against the British police. According to him, RRR has a good relation with Bengal through Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. So, ‘RRR’ is getting appreciation all over the world, it is indeed a proud moment for Bengal (West Bengal) as well.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 18, 2023, 13:52 IST

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