When Pakistan’s singer got threat in his country, India saved his life, know what was he afraid of?

Mumbai: There is a lot of pain hidden in the chest of this person who is in headlines sometimes because of heavy weight, sometimes because of his tremendous transformation or because of his love life. There was no singer in his house, nor was there anything to do with the world of music. He is the first person in his family who made a career in music. We are talking about Adnan Sami, who got Indian citizenship in the year 2016. The story of Adnan coming to India is horrifying.

People of the 90s will remember that period very well, when it was heard everywhere, ‘Your high pride is Maula, accept my wish Maula, Tu hai sab kuch jaana wala, main hoon tera maane wala’. India took the singer of Pakistan who sang this song, gave it unconditional love. Adnan became very famous, but his life was not easy. There was criticism, even death threats were received.

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Threatened from Pakistan, fear for the family
Talking to BBC, Adnan Sami told that when he was getting threats from Pakistan, then he started fearing about the security of his family. Describing the difficulties faced while taking Indian citizenship, he said that only those people who were involved in the whole process know my real story. When I applied for Indian citizenship and this matter came in the media, I had to suffer a lot.

Someone goes to America-London, I came to India
According to Adnan, I did not have to listen or tolerate much in India, but was criticized a lot in Pakistan. I also received threats from there. I was already prepared for all these things, but I was feeling scared for my family. People expressed their displeasure over taking the citizenship of India. Some people felt that I was doing wrong, but most of my relatives accepted my decision. Some go to America, some go to London, I chose India to make a career.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 07:30 IST

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