When Siddharth Malhotra got stuck after making a controversial comment on Madhuri Dixit, ‘You are in your bedroom…’, the actress was shocked to hear

Mumbai: Siddharth Malhotra is in discussion for both professional and personal reasons. There are discussions about his closeness with Kiara Advani (Sidharth Malhotra Kiara Advani Wedding) that is not taking the name of being less. It is discussed that he is going to tie the knot with Kiara soon. Recently both were also spotted outside the house of designer Manish Malhotra. However, even though Siddharth is in love with Kiara Advani, he is a big fan of Madhuri Dixit. He has said this many times that he is a big fan of Dhak Dhak Girl, but once in Flow-Flow he said something that created a stir everywhere.

The story is related to Karan Johar’s famous celebrity chat reality show ‘Koffee with Karan’. In which Siddharth arrived as a guest. While answering a question from host Karan, Siddharth was heaping praises on Madhuri Dixit and suddenly he said some strange things about the actress. Karan himself was also surprised to hear about the actor. Not only this, when the actress saw this video, she too was shocked.

Actually, Siddharth was talking about Madhuri Dixit’s dancing skills in the show. He says that Madhuri is a great dancer and he is convinced of her dancing. Taking his point forward, Siddharth said that Madhuri Dixit’s dance moves often keep roaming in his mind. She is the kind of lady you would want to take to your bedroom. What was it then, as soon as the show was telecasted and Siddharth’s statement came to the fore, he came under attack from Madhuri Dixit’s fans.

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Dhak-Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit still rules the hearts of the fans. Not only on the basis of her acting, but also on the basis of dance, Madhuri has convinced the fans and many actors as well. At one time Madhuri had such a craze that she dominated Bollywood. Siddharth Malhotra has also expressed his liking for the actress many times.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 21, 2023, 12:00 IST

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