Why did Karishma Kapoor separate from husband Sanjay after 13 years of marriage, father did not like the relationship! the reason will surprise

Mumbai. Karishma Kapoor started her acting innings only at the age of 17. Karisma Kapoor has given many hit films in Bollywood in the 90s. Karisma Kapoor has been a big star of her time. Karisma Kapoor also kept making headlines for her relationship. After Ajay Devgan, the news of relationship with Abhishek Bachchan was included in the discussion of the media.

However, later Karisma Kapoor married Delhi’s businessman Sanjay Kapoor. However, the marriage of both was mired in a lot of controversies. After 10 years, the ugly truth of marriage came in front of everyone. Both separated and filed for divorce. Both accused each other a lot during the divorce. Let us know what is the whole story of the divorce of both.

The news of marriage with Abhishek again parted ways
Karisma Kapoor’s name was linked with Abhishek Bachchan before marrying Sanjay Kapoor. There were a lot of reports in the media that both of them are engaged and will get married soon. However, there was no substance in these reports and Karishma married Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapoor in the year 2003. After 2 years of marriage, Karishma’s daughter Samaira Kapoor was born. After this, son Kian Raj Kapoor was born in the year 2010. However, before the birth of the son, there had been many disputes between the two. But it was limited to the family only.

divorce news in 2011
Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor filed for divorce after one year of the birth of their son. After this both of them separated and during the process of divorce both of them made serious allegations against each other. Karisma Kapoor even filed a police complaint against her husband Sanjay Kapoor. Karisma Kapoor told in the interview that Sanjay Kapoor used to treat her like a trophy wife. Sanjay has also beaten him several times. After being beaten up, Karishma used to hide her injuries with make-up. Not only this, Karisma had even said that Sanjay Kapoor forced her to sleep with a friend on honeymoon. After a long fight the two
Got divorced in the year 2016.

Randhir Kapoor was against Karishma’s marriage
Karisma’s father Randhir Kapoor was against this marriage. Randhir had said in an interview to Hindustan Times, ‘Everyone knows about us. We are from Kapoor family. We do not run after anyone’s money. God has also given us skills along with money from which we can earn money all our life. Sanjay is a third class man. He has had an affair even after marriage. Whole Delhi knows about him.’t

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